Slumbering Tortoise

1604438_10151823312470887_374380300_nPeaceful dreams of kale and carrots.


Goals for 2014

I am ringing in the new year with high ambitions of what I would like to accomplish. Here is a list of some of my dreams for 2014:

2014 Sketch

1. Continue to read more
2. Learn how to embroider, knit, or crochet
3. Create more blog posts so that this blog remains current
4. Write more poetry
5. Relax and enjoy my new job
6. Spread compassion to others


A Collection of Donut Poems

Below is a collection of poems that my sister (The Patchwork Nerd) and I are working on. I have an unhealthy obsession with donuts and want to share their delight with the world. Make sure to checkout Patchwork’s blog. She is a beautiful writer, artist, and nerd of course!

“The Fluff and the Donut”
Fluff was a puppy puff
Made of tail and wiggle and ruff
With fur so goldie and belly so plump
He ate kibble and chewies
Until one day it wasn’t enough

On the counter so high Fluff one-day did spot
A ring made of crispy and crust Topped with purple the tastiest color
And wonderful, magical dots
With a leap and a hop
His nose hit the top
Of where the snack did sit
With a happy chomp and a lick It happened so quick
Fluff the puff was finally full
The Patchwork Nerd

The crispy ring of death
Your arteries burn and die
You eat and eat and eat
And then say “Oh GOD WHY?”
The Patchwork Nerd

“What I live for”
A sprinkle delight
Sugar coated dreamland
Crispy treat to feast

My Christmas Gift To The Earth

This holiday season I decided to construct my own Christmas tree instead of purchasing an artificial one. To create this masterpiece I gathered natural items from a park and crafted them into what you see below.


Christmas Tree 2013.


The Torts seemed to enjoy it!

I hope this inspires you to have more sustainable holidays in the future. All you need are some sticks, twine, pine cones, and creativity!

-Love and Donuts-

Portland Dreams..

I have hit the point where I am just plain sick of Winter in Minnesota. Take me back to Portland? Why you may ask:

Vegetarian House:




Vegetarian House is a fully vegan restaurant in downtown Portland, China Town. You are served tea with all meals and they even have an all you can eat buffet that is very cheap. The service was amazing (the same guy every day we went) and I would highly recommend this quaint restaurant to anyone who is in Portland, Oregon

Excuse me while I get back to my Portland Dreams..

Chili Cookoff

ImageLast Saturday, my boyfriend and I competed in a vegan chili cook off that a local animal rights organization hosted (Compassionate Action for Animals). We created a soy curl and lentil chili that received great reviews.  Fourth place is good enough for me! I hope to compete again next year and continue to advocate for the adoption of a vegan diet.